Mama's Guide: Navigating Teens through Life

Welcome to The Discerning Teen, your all-in-one guide to getting through the unique problems that teens face today. As the mother of a teen son, i want to give you the information and tools you need to confidently get through your teen years and get ready for adulthood.



I try to cover a wide range of problems and opportunities that you, as a teen, may face. Such as financial literacy, physical and mental health, learning techniques, self-care, self-awareness, and even giving back to the community and volunteering. I want to make difficult subjects simple, offer useful advice that you can immediately put into practise, and provide actionable insights.



I really believe that having a solid grasp of these essential concepts will greatly improve your capacity for making wise decisions, promoting a happy outlook, and making valuable contributions to society. Every article, advice, and resource on this site is intended to inform, inspire, and support you towards being a more responsible, compassionate, and confident person.



Step into a world made to help you grow and improve yourself. Start looking through The Discerning Teen right away!